Towage Services

Towage Services

There are more than 260 straits in the world, but none of them even remotely resembles the Turkish Straits in terms of geography and navigational challenges. ID Shipping Agency provides a comprehensive, integrated, and high-quality service tailored to the unique characteristics of operations through the Turkish Straits. ID Shipping Agency experienced in Towage Agency at Turkish Ports, Bosphorus Strait, and Dardanelles Strait. We provide safe and reliable tailor-made Towage Agency services for Port, Terminals, Shipyards, Bosphorus Strait, and Dardanelles Strait Transit Passages. We put our vast experience at our customers’ disposal to plan and execute smooth and undisrupted operations in all conditions. We make all the necessary arrangements for Towage operation according to local regulations.


  1. Ships’ particulars
  2. Last Port Clearance, Towage Certificate, or Sailing Permit.
  3. Ship Register Certificate
  4. International Load Line Certificate
  5. International Tonnage Certificate
  6. Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
  7. Safety Equipment Certificate & Form E
  8. Bollard Pull Certificate
  9. Classification Certificate
  10. P&I Certificate
  11. Towage Plan ( See Attached excel and please send back with Stamp & Signature )

Kindly note that the line will be a minimum of 25 meters between Vessel & Tug so that please make all plans according to this.


  1. Ships’ particulars
  2. Ship Register Certificate
  3. International Tonnage Certificate
  4. P&I Certificate